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SC Cosmetology Board Regulations and Public Health
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This is a 4 hour course for cosmetologists, estheticians, and nail technicians; not for instructors. You will need to complete 4 hours of continuing education (CE) as required by the SC Board of Cosmetology. 

This course is self-paced. You may stop and start it at any time. There will be quizzes at the end of each section to test your knowledge.

Your time will be monitored, so you cannot receive credit for the course until the 4 hours has been met.

What's included?

  • EASY - Our Courses are suitable for instructors licensed by the South Carolina Board of Cosmetology, and is really easy to navigate
  • Experienced instructors and facilitators, with over 20+ years in the field of cosmetology and barbering.
  • Our course material provides you with 4 hours of continuing education credit approved by the SC Board of Cosmetology.
Our courses are based on simple principles, with pre-determined outcomes, that will ensure you are qualified by the end of taking the course
Our courses are affordable so you can get the education you deserve without breaking the bank. 
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